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A Night for Beauty

Logo & Branding Design, Font Creation
A Night for Beauty (ANFB) is a vibrant event honoring the artisans behind natural beauty products and the devoted community championing them. In 2023, ANFB gracefully transitioned to an interactive online format, uniting a diverse spectrum of brands. I spearheaded the rebranding efforts for them and revamped their website to showcase each brand and its offerings with precision, ensuring a seamless shopping journey.

Branding Design

A Night for Beauty had a distinct vision in mind for their brand's logo and desired an elegant design that would reflect their brand's essence with sophistication and style.

A Night for Beauty 2023 Branding

Web Design

I played a key role in revamping the A Night for Beauty website for
the November 16th event, integrating brand names, their exclusive
deals, and representative photos. This update significantly improved customer engagement, simplifying the process of connecting with
their beloved artisanal beauty brands. 

A Night for Beauty 2023 Website
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