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Women of UD 2023

Installation Design 
As a part of Ligature Studio at the University of Dayton, I collaborated with a group of student designers to establish the branding of an important event at the University, “Women of UD.” The event was a celebration of Women’s History Month and honors women who have made an impact on the campus community. I designed an installation for the Roesch Library featuring five women being recognized by the University. 


Utilizing the established branding elements, I crafted an installation that seamlessly integrated with the collective project vision. Collaborating with fellow team members, I got feedback to ensure the installation aligned harmoniously with their contributions. This collaborative approach not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also fostered a sense of cohesion and unity across all aspects of the project

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1_1.png
Artboard 1_2.png
Artboard 1_3.png
Artboard 1_4.png
Left-Pannel copy.jpg
Right-Pannel copy.jpg
Fronal-Veiw copy.jpg
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