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Logo Design 
Aoloa is a children's resort-wear brand based in Hawaii. I designed a logo for Aoloa radiating the playful essence of childhood with a touch of tropical Hawaiian charm.

Logo Design &

My logo design process begins with crafting one or sometimes multiple
mood boards, each presenting distinct directions to explore. I then delve
into sketching, translating ideas onto paper to explore various possibilities and refine concepts. Next, I transition to creating rough drafts on the computer, adapting them based on invaluable feedback. Through iterative refinement and collaborative efforts, these drafts evolve to
perfectly embody Aoloa's vision.


Bright, playful, tropical moodboard


Fun, Hawaiian-inspired sketches

rough drafts

Rough drafts of Aoloa logo

final logo

Final Aoloa logo with wave
Bag mockup.jpg
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