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Branding & Packaging Design 
Trolli, a confectionery brand known for its expertise in crafting gummy candies, is celebrated for its inventive shapes, vivid colors, and delightful flavors. For Trolli's latest innovation, Sour Duo Crawlers, I developed a branding and packaging approach that not only distinguished itself from other candy products but also set a new standard within Trolli's own line, all while staying true to the brand's playful spirit.

Branding Design

The hallmark of Trolli's Sour Duo Crawlers lies in their distinct feature: they
have two different textures on the top and bottom of the worms, setting them apart from other gummy worms that are simply split in half. In the design, I aimed to highlight this unique characteristic, especially by showcasing the worms flipping around to emphasize their dual-texture.

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